Kishkumen's heavy weapons

Created by Kishkumen for our One Inch Base Competition.

My goal was to make some 1:48 machine guns and Mk-19 grenade launchers for use in 28mm modern games. All are mounted on US nickels for bases.

Two of them are without tripods to look good on top of vehicles. Their bases are mostly flat (covered in spackle to hide the bas relief of Jefferson), while the tripod-mounted weapon bases are covered in textured paint.

The guns were built from square styrene rod. Barrels were made from paper clip wire. Handles are slices of square styrene tubing.

A bit of sprue made a sturdy post to cement to the bases. Thin square styrene rod was used for tripod legs for appearance.

Machine gun cooling jackets and sandbags are made from robot poop (Pro-Seal® Instant Gas Tank & Radiator Repair).

Mk-19 grenade launchers are shorter and fatter but built the same way. In this case, two square rods were cemented together to make the body and 40mm ammo box. An exposed belt of 40mm shells is .035" styrene rod, cut into small bits and glued together with MEK. Once cured for a couple of minutes, the strip of rods was cut on each side to make them all the same length. It was still flexible enough to bend into a curved shape before the solvent truly set.

The same styrene rod used to make the chain of 40mm ammo was primered, painted, and cut into tiny bits to make 40mm casings.

The .50 casings were made by cutting stranded wire with scissors.

Superglue was spread on each base and the appropriate casings were sprinkled on.



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