Created by Elderac for our Anything Goes Competition.

My concept was that of a small substation, similar to one that might be found in the suburbs or near an isolated factory. It needed to be compact and a playable piece of terrain that could be used for a variety of game systems.

The base is about a 5" (12.7 cm) x 6" (15.24 cm) piece of craft board. The top of the poles stands about 4" (10.12 cm) high, just short enough to fit into my storage boxes.

The transformers are made from old flourescent light starters. The insulating stand-offs are made from a dressmaker's pin and faceted glass beads. The shack is made from foam core board with a textured plastic roof.

The roof is removable. The concrete slab that the transformers are sitting on, the fence posts, and the power poles are all wood. The fence is made from a plastic grid cloth used for gardening.

The high voltage signs were coped from the web. I removed the High Voltage lettering so they would be more generic.

I designed the company logo (Aura Electrical) and numeric keypad (next to the door) in Adobe Illustrator and scaled them as needed.

The gravel in the yard is course sand panted gray and given a black wash before being dry brushed with lighter shades of gray and finally a white.

The power poles are painted brown and drybrushed with black to similate creosote.

The dowels for the fence post were painted white and then metallic aluminum.

The drain in the yard is a piece of granny grating.

Overall, I think I achieved my objectives.



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