A Small Island or Hill

Created by pendrake for our Anything Goes Competition.

This little Hill is about 11 inches long and exactly an inch tall. It was carved from a slab of one inch thick pink (Corning) insulation foam. The sides were treated to a seven step process of painting, washing, damp brushing, and dry brushing. Colors used were three shades of brown ranging from tan to chocolate, some dark grey, and white. A determined effort was made to avoid typical gaming terrain Space Wolves î Grey Granite Syndrome. The top was coated with a messy initial layer of whatever paints were left from doing the sides and then in a final step a grassy green was applied with a rounded sponge brush.

The pictures show Miles the Archer with his unlikely friend Bruno the Chaos Warrior on a little hill that happens to be in the middle of a lake. Too bad the lake is the home of a dragon. (Warhammer Fantasy | 28mm scale)

Or the pictures show a squadron of Blazing Suns warships tangling with a Covenant Armoured Cruiser in the vicinity of an island that is home to a Signals Tower. (Spartan Games: Dystopian Wars | 1:1200)

The colour shifts in the various pictures demonstrate what a difference the settings on the camera can make. The only one where the flash kicked in is the one where the dragon is on the left.



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