Modular Ironclads

Created by extraevildave for our Anything Goes Competition.

For this competition I decided to build something that I had been contemplating for some time, a 25/28mm scale modular gunboat that could be altered to suit whatever gaming situation was required.
The basic hull was cut from a 25mm thick piece of styrofoam with a length of 40cm and a width of 9cm. As magnets were to be used to hold the various parts of the Ironclad in place the hull needed metal running the full length of the ship. I decided to go with washers as it was much easier than cutting loads of sheet metal. Once the washers were glued into place thin card was scored and used to represent the hull plates and dress pins were used to give the appearance of rivets. Finally a scored 1.5mm thick balsa wood deck was set over the washers.
All the various superstructure sections were made from styrofoam and then clad in the same card as the hull, after being suitably scored and more pins were again used as rivets. They were then spraypainted black and given a combination of Iron drybrushes and black washes to bring out the details. All parts have magnets built into their base.
The guns of the Casemate ironclad were made from 6mm rubber tips for chair legs and the monitor turret guns were made from piping for a garden sprinkler system, an additional length of gun barrel was designed to be plugged into the turret guns for additional variety.
The davits for the ships boats and the air vents were attached to hollow balsa wood bases containing magnets.



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