Glowing Alien Jungle Tree

Created by Ambience 327 for our Lighting Effects Competition.

I had seen the competition criteria, and I thought it was an interesting idea, but I didn't really have any clear direction. Then my wife and I were walking through Hobby Lobby and I noticed the cholla wood in among the seashells and the like. I suddenly had a grand image of an alien jungle tree, lit with a flickering glow from within. I proceeded to pick out the rest of the items I needed (some LED tea lights and some silk flowers) and began my planning. I cut out a small hill from pink insulation foam, dug out a little hole for the bottom tea light, and used a hatchet to create the stratified rock look (many light taps with the sharp blade produce the effect). A basecoat of dark brown paint on the hill and tea lights, followed by a progressively lighter drybrushing on the hill was all the painting I needed. After that, I just glued everything together. It wasn't really all that hard, and while it doesn't glow quite as brightly as I was hoping, it still looks pretty cool.

This was created with Warhammer 40,000 in mind, so the scale is 28mm. I included a Terminator and some Termagants for scale. They are on 25mm round bases.



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