Rail Junction

Created by havre for our In Motion Competition.

In Western Immoren, the Khador and Cygnar are considered the greatest railway nations. Thus it is just fitting for the many combatting fractions to fight over disused railways. This junction in particular is part of a table I'm making for the ca 30 mm Warmachine and Hordes skirmish tabletop wargames.

For the table I got my hands on O scale flexible rails from PECO and built my own junction from those, paper clips, sheet plastic, cogs and weels and stuff. The crib for the mechanism itself is made from split and stained steering pins. The ballast is grinded rubber tires. The rails are painted with burnt umber and burnt sienna while the sleepers are painted burnt umber with a raw sienna drybrush and a black wash. Finally burnt umber pigment is dabbed on.

The table is based on plywood lined with L-shaped moulding and covered with Litex bathrom plates (think mega foamboard). The terrain is then built up using foam and spackle before painting and flocking. For this comp only the junction with surrounding area is submitted.



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