Desert Bridge, Road, and River

Created by asdel for our Transportation Competition.

15mm scale. Each section is about 12in long

The river is simple Styrofoam construction textured by tracing out the outlines to field stones using a dried-up pen. I selected matching colors matching my existing desert terrain, emulating local stones for construction.

The Roads are cut from Linoleum tiles. Linoleum does not warp and can be cut quickly by scoring and snapping. I used a lighter shade of my desert sand, to stand out from the background. I've added simple streaks of green flick to suggest parts of the road that little or no wheeled traffic.

The rivers are also linoleum, with the river banks simply 1cm strips of linoleum on the edge. Some sanding and some filler made the edges rounded. I painted these to match the desert. I don't like bright blue water for rivers - I realize blue symbolizes water, but I wanted to capture a turbid flash flood instead. Base color is greenish-brown with a light green airbrush on the sides. I airbrushed dark yellow streaks to lighten the brown, and give an impression of flow and motion. I've treated the water with floor polish to get up a good shine, enough to reflect the bridge, trees, and ambient light.

Painting the linoleum is difficult: it is designed not to stain. Lightly scratching it with sand paper and using an oil-based primer really helped the paint adhere.



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