Trusty Petty Dhow

Created by Elderac for our Transportation Competition.

The dhow is a type of sailing ship common in the middle east.

My goal for this competition was to build a small vessel usable in colonial era and Victorian Science Fiction (canals of Mars) games.

The primary materials of this vessel are foam core, cereal box card, and wooden bits. The sail is made from a heavy tissue paper. Some floral wire, line, and misc. parts round out the components.

The vessel is approximately 7 inches long and 8 inches high. It was scaled for 28mm figures such as the Red Martian captain you see strolling the decks.

Part of my objective was to make it very modular. In one of the supporting images, you can see all of the items that can be removed from the base vessel. I can later create different flags, a different sail, and remove the anchor and/or tiller if desired.

The base of the vessel was cut out of 1/2 inch foam core. The aft deck was another piece of 1/2 inch foam core while the forward deck is thinner foam core.

Two layers of cereal card form the sides of the ship. The inner layer, painted blue, and the strakes, painted oyster white.

I considered using coffee grounds along the bottom edge to represent barnacles, but because it was going to be on felt, I opted against it.

Lessons learned during this build:
1) Use lighter lines for the planking.
2) Make the yardarm longer so the sail comes down closer to deck.
3) Increase the size of the deck slightly to allow easier placement of figures.



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