Riseable railway bridge

Created by havre and came 2nd in our our Transportation Competition.

Spanning the canal where it runs into sea by these remote cygnarian docks is a small combined railway and road bridge. To facilitate transportation along the canal, it is riseable. It is off course steam powered - this is Western Immoren after all, the world where WARMACHINES & HORDES clash in 30 mm miniatures. The bridge itself is 6 by 10 inches exluding the two towers.

The bridge is a modified Pegasus Hobbies bridge, with added railway and planking. The railway is O-scale flexible rail from PECO, while the planking is wooden pins for making fires.

To ensure structural integrity, the two towers are glued and nailed to the bridge itself. The stone tower has a wooden core covered with foamcore, engraved with home-made brick engraving tools. Painted and with som dirt powder added and sealed with scenic cement (Which is not as dull as claimed)

The weels are mainly cast in plaster, but some are also the original masters from plactic. The round beam is a grill pin, while the chain is chain covered in rust made from - rusted iron wool soaked in salt water.

All parts for making the structure actually moveable are in place, but due to the low weight of the towers in relation to the bridge and the brittle weels everything is glued in place.



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