Art deco monorail skyscraper

Created by nealcrankshaw and came 3rd in our our Transportation Competition.

For this comp I wanted to try three thing:
- make a 40k building that is not gothic
- make my biggest model
- make a model in kit form ((mindful of uxorial concerns on storage and transport)

So the entry is a 14 story skyscraper in 28mm scale for the Warhammer 40k game. The middle layer is a monorail station (although the actual rails and train were never meant to be part of this project).

This entire model was laser cut.

The model was designed in Adobe Illustrator. Three test cuts were made, producing the basic model at 43% size. These highlighed numerous design flaws and were very worthwhile.

The core of the building was cut from 3mm MDF. The various subcomponents were then glued together.

After that, layers of architectural detailing were cut from 1.3mm cardboard and glued onto the MDF. All pieces have at least 3 layers, some have as many as 6.

Finally, the model was painted. First spraypainted matt black, then the exterior spraypainted with a stone-texture spraypaint. After that it was given lowlights with Khaki and then Khaki Drab, and highlights with Deck Tan (all of these are Tamiya colours). It was then drybrushed with Flat White and then the bottom was given an Olive Drab wash.

The model is 70cm tall and 33cm square. The "Transportation" requirements are the monorail station and (if you are feeling generous) the fact that the whole thing can be broken down for transport).



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