Weather Control Towers

Created by Elderac for our Funky Junk Competition.

When I saw these fake microphones in the store, I saw the potential for towers for Victorian Science Fiction games.

The concept is of ancient towers around Mars controlling weather patterns.

To construct the tower, I removed the microphone end with a hobby knife. The microphone ends each have an interesting domed grate that I may find a use for later.

I also pulled the plastic antenna from the other end, which would become the top of the tower. Because it already had a hole there, I knew that I wanted to put some sort of mast on the top.

From there, the rest of the build was fairly simple, although there were some learning experiences involved.

I bought a reddish toned textured paint for the bases and a hammered brass colored paint for the tops. Then it was a simple task of masking and painting.

After painting, I discovered that the hammered bronze did not conceal the letters on the top. So, I ground them off and painted the tops black, not wanting to do another spray paint session.

The Tesla device at the top is simply a bamboo chopstick inserted into a wooden bead, then wrapped with copper wire.

Basing, weathering, and washing finished it.

The towers stand 9" (22.5mm) tall on a 4" (10mm) square base. The base of the tower is about 3" (7.5mm) in diameter and it tapers to 1.5" (3.7mm).

The figures are 28mm from RAFM.

I am satisfied with the results and see the potential for some auxiliary structures to accompany these.




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