The tributary

Created by havre for our Horizontal Stacking Competition.

A stack of bends... A row of meanders... Together they make up the wintery Khadorian tributary somewhere north of Tverkutsk. The whole table is 4 by 4 feet and made for the 30 mm miniature wargame WARMACHINE. The table was put together in a week for an event in late june, thus the early finish. I stress that for this comp, only the three meanders are submitted as inidvidual "structures". They are 50-100% of their own width form each other. The diameter of each bend is 20-30 cm. The frame itself was made prior to the comp.

The terrain is low density foam warped using a heat gun. The ice is plexiglass sanded with 320 grit sandpaper and warped using the gun. The river beds was spackled using brush strokes to add to the illution of flowing water. Aquarium pebbles were added in outer curves and sand in the inner curves. For water effect I tried out artists acrylic paste, used for chunking up paint. It works pretty much the same way as WS Water effect, for half the price. I applied it with a brush, which left some telltale marks. I tried to tone it down with a brush soaked in water but to some effect. The whole thing turned out too light and too unwatery, so I brought it down a few notches with water effect mixed with a drop of burned umber paint. Floating ice is broken plexiglass glued down with water effect.

The railway is from PECO, with a bridge made from aluminium L-profiles and ballast is ground rubber tires. The soot on the snow effect is from sanding charcoal sticks.



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