Sicilian Village

Created by asdel and came 1st in our our Horizontal Stacking Competition.

This village is 12"x15" in 15mm scale. The buildings are constructed of form core with corrugated paper for the roof. The church is taller than the other buildings and differently adorned, but otherwise follows the same floor-plan as other buildings, in keeping with the horizontal-stacking theme.

I found images of ordinary windows, shutters, doors, stained glass windows on the web. I cropped, printed, and glued these to card. Gluing the result directly to the card was fair; however, I found I could improve the appearance of these by cutting into the foam core to set the windows and doors recessed under the surface of the walls. At 15mm and table-top distances, this works well.

The color scheme is simple, but consistent with images of Sicilian villages: cream-colored walls and terracotta roofs. This contrasts nicely with the muted greens of the land scape. The road color is a light sand I've used on previous roads and, with the wilting grass, imparts a parched tone to the model.

The sizes of the buildings and the space between the church and the surrounding wall are designed to accommodate the standard 2"x1 1/4" bases in Flames of War: the interior of the buildings are either 2"x2" or 4"x2". All the roofs are removable (not shown, since the interiors are not decorated.)

Inspired by Alabastero's Italian Village in the Transportation competition. The bell tower is inspired by the movie "Kelly's Heroes."



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