AWI Camp

Created by Taltosvt for our Horizontal Stacking Competition.

The tents for this entry were based on research done by American Revolutionary War re-enactors into actual tents of this era. The scale is for 28mm gaming.

Each tent was printed on regular paper, then covered in tissue paper to create a canvas texture. The tissue allowed the regimental markings on the tents to show through. The bells on the back of the tents allow each mess of men to store their equipment.

The base was covered with sand, then flocked with green and yellow. Straw was added to the insides of the tents, using cotton string, cut to length and painted. Bedrolls are painted tissue to give them a woolen look. Equipment in the rear of the tents was cut from plastic bits, then painted.

Finally, clump foliage was added, and each tent dusted with a coating of black powder for weathering.

Additional bases with tents can be used to create a full encampment.



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