Roadside Shrine

Created by extraevildave for our Holy Places Competition.

I went for an historical build, to get the most value from the build I decided to go for a 28/25mm scale roadside Catholic Shrine as they've been around for centuries and are still common. They can be found in Europe, the Americas and parts of Africa and Asia, giving a lot of eras and locations to use it in.

The cross is made of two interlocking pieces of 4mm thick balsa wood and painted a dark brown and given a lighter brybrush. The Jesus figure was salvaged from a cheap jewelery crucifix and painted in exagerated fleshtones. The plinth is made of styrofoam that has been textured by beating it with a stone and then painted white with with grey and black stippled on to resemble white granite. The shelter supports are made the same way as the cross with the addition of angled supports on the crossbeams and a weathered paint job, the roof itself is a layer of heavy card topped with uneaven, overlapping thin card shingles painted a slate colour and finally the roof peak is capped with a strip of paper painted to look like an oxidised lead sheet capping. The whole thing is based on a 95mm diameter piece of 3mm hardwood and stands 140mm tall.

With the 30 Years War in mind I added a couple of companion pieces, a stake and pyre awaiting a heretic and one that has been used already. Both are on a 5mm thick cork base 40mm across. The stakes are made from wood skewers, the manacles from cheap jewlery chain and plastic tubing and the heretical book from card and balsa wood.



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