Dangerous Airspace: Power Lines

Created by Kishkumen and came 1st in our our Dangerous Terrain Competition.

High-tension power lines are harmless to ground units, but they define a hazardous area to any low-flying aircraft. These towers were made from cardstock and are slightly smaller than 1:48 scale, making the implied wires the same height as a model helicopter on a flying base.

On the gaming table, the area between the towers can be used to deny a section to aircraft, or at least require a die roll to see if a craft can avoid hitting the wires.

The towers were cut from cardstock, with edges folded at 90 degrees to create angled supports. The cardstock sides were glued together to create a three-dimensional form. The legs and main supports were given some extra strength with some matchsticks. Once the towers were spray-painted with silver, a galvanized texture was applied with a sponge.

The insulators are made from tiny glass beads on earring wires. Actual power lines were left off for practicality on the gaming table (threads connecting the towers would become tangled and interfere with figure movement).

Bases are masonite squares textured with spackle, sand, rocks, and some styrofoam circles as concrete foundations. Tall weeds are Woodland Scenics field grass and some lichen was added for bushes.



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