Rad Zone

Created by extraevildave for our Dangerous Terrain Competition.

The inspiration for my entry in this competition were the events of 50 years ago, the Cuban Missile Crisis.
In a more radioactive alternate universe war broke out on 28th of October 1962. During the war the only 100 megaton warhead in existence crashed into a SAC base by Bunker 13 & failed to detonate. With the crushed remains of the warhead now just short of critical mass & emiting masses of radiation Bunker 13 was sealed & the remaining personnel fled.
50 years on, the old SAC base & Bunker 13 have been rediscovered.

The missile was made from several pieces of cardboard tube, a lid from a roll-on deodorant, some 1mm cardstock & some granny grating. The main engine and other components were made from a table tennis ball, a Yakult bottle & an assortment of beads, tubes and random pieces from my rather eclectic bits box. The Cerenkov radiation glow comes from a small blue LED torch concealed in the missile fuselage. The whole thing is based on a 25cm diameter circle of 3mm MDF.

Bunker 13 is made from styrofoam & foamcore with cardstock used for the path & opening door. The whole thing is 29cm by 21cm & about 5cm high based on 3mm MDF.

The warning sign is on a 20mm diameter, 5mm thick cork base. The signpost is a 30mm high plastic tube capped with a pin.

All the bases were textured with sand & painted in shades of brown. All the signs & logos were either found on the net & scaled to size or made by me. Heavy rust is painted sand. Everything is scaled for 25/28mm gaming.



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