Watch the Skies

Created by extraevildave for our Dangerous Terrain Competition.

During the construction of my "Rad Zone" entry for this competition I had quite a bit of down time while I waited for paint & glue to dry or for good light for photography. As not to waste it I decided to make a quick and fun entry.

I started with a base of 5mm thick cork tile 30mm by 60mm. Drilled a couple of small holes and inserted a 55mm length of 2mm diameter plastic tube, spray painted aluminium, in each. The tubes were capped with the heads of dress pins.
The cork base was then textured with sand.

The step ladder was made from both 1mm and 3mm thick balsa wood.

To finish, the base was painted in mid-brown and drybrushed a lighter brown and small patches and clumps of grass applied. The step ladder was lightly stained with a wash of brown and randomly spotted with dots and streaks of assorted colours, then glued in place.
I added a spilt paint pot made from a short length of 4mm diameter plastic tube plugged at one end with a bamboo skewer. The paint pots base was painted silver and the rest given a generic style two tone paint job. The spilled paint was white paint (what a shocker).
I made the sign on the computer, printed it off and pasted it to some fine card that had been sprayed with aluminium paint and glued it to the posts.

The whole thing is built at a 25/28mm scale.



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