Listening Post

Created by Kishkumen and came 1st in our our Temporary Shelter Competition.

US Army Special Forces have set up an observation post in Afghanistan. Using a civilian vehicle for transport and taking the appearance of the locals, they are able to deal better with the local warlords as they pursue the remnants of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Currently, their pickup is parked behind a rock outcropping for cover and a lean-to is set up to shelter the radio, satcom gear, weapons and supplies. This serves as a field base for observing a nearby terrorist encampment.

The tent is several layers of tissue paper soaked in a glue/water mixture. The ends are reinforced on the inside with heavy paper and the edges and corners have a layer of superglue for further strength. The plastic windows were cut from a plastic bag.

The tent simply lifts off the frame. The frame is aluminum rod bent and glued into holes drilled into the base. The frame should protect the interior details from accidents and prevent the tent from being crushed.

Inside, there is a table with an iBook laptop computer, two radios, maps, and a cold can of pop. The ice cooler with pop cans is made of sculpey polymer clay and plastic rod.


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