Created by havre and came 1st in our our MacGyvering Competition.

In the rural backbone of the Empire of Man, a viaduct used to span the marshy swamp lowlands known as the Eerie Downs. After the destruction of Mordheim, the viaduct fell into disrepair. No longer used exept by the occational scavenger and plunderer, some of the remaining pillars and half arches were converted into small dwellings. And so it stands, the designs altered into the opposite of its original purpose. From supporting travel to supporting immobility. MacGyvering, they would call it at a different time in a different world.

The bridge houses are three 28 mm fantasy buildings measuring 10 cm wide and 12-15 cm high. One is a brick hut on a timber base while two are wooden hovels built on stone and mud bases respectively.
- Core: Styrodur (blue 50 mm foam).
- Surfaces: Bridge panels from Depron (black 5 mm foam) engraved prior to the competition.
- The brick hut is from Kappa (white 4 mm foamboard), engraved and given a spackle wash as mortar.
- The wooden hovels are clad in balsa, textured wit a wire brush.
- The cobblestone, one fundament and the roofs are cast in plaster from home made moulds.
- The doors and windows are from Thomarillion (German firm).
- Flock: Several turfs, grass from GW and Micro Arts, coffee, sand and fish tank pebbles.
- Paint: A mix of PVA and black Gesso undercoat, coats, drybrushes and shades of greys and blacks on the bridge, and brownish shades on the walls.
- Craquelle was tried on some stones.



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