Stone Circle

Created by pendrake for our Finishing Moves Competition.

Long ago I drew a Sigil design for the Nine Rambunctious Powers. Since then Laser Cut Card has produced the design as a base topper. Originally I had this ambitious idea of simultaneously working on two overlapping comps and using the design in both. One of them was to be a ring of stones with an altar in the middle. It was planned to be useful at either 1:900 or 1:1200. The ring was going to have a tiny rendition of the Sigil design at the centre.

The piece is 120mm across (the diametre of a CD Rom). Some of the shots have objects included to show the size: a 25mm witch, a 10mm shaman[?] and a US Penny and Nickel.

The CD got a base coating of acrylic paint. The stones were attached with Pritt brand Gel PVA glue. This is a clear, void filling gel that dries clear. Once all the stonework was down the CD was flocked with a melange of about six different basing materials.

I found a micro-sized analog to a big slab of pink insulation foam and used it to create the central slab. It is from a polystyrene food serving box. I used shears, a knife, and some spare rocks to shape and texture it.

The base topper got a little bit of metallic paint on its top surface. I left the sides the color the laser 'painted' them. Neal Crankshaw's Laser Cut Card held the tiny details from the original design very well. The sigil is smaller than a US Nickel coin.

I did my best to color match the central slab to the natural standing stones. I did hit them with a heavy wash of black ink but they pretty much shrugged it off. (I think the landscaping company I got them from called them 3/8" Black Basalt; I know they are basalt.)



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