Kishkumen's Truck Dock

Created by Kishkumen for our Shipping & Receiving Competition.

For this competition, I wanted to make a truck dock, One of those elevated platforms level with the inside of a delivery truck. Semi trucks back their trailers up to these elevated doors so workers can drive a forklift straight into the back of the trailer without needing a ramp.

Making an entire warehouse is out of the question, so I made a small raised concrete platform that accomplishes the same task. With the project is a small delivery truck.

The dock is made from foamcore board covered with a thin coat of spackle to add texture. Expansion joints were scratched into the wet spackle.

A square of masonite serves as a base, and the entire piece was splattered with black and white paint and given a wash to simulate weathered concrete. Railings were made from model sprue.

A dumpster serves to throw away trash and broken forklift pallets. It is made from mattboard and paper and filled with trash bags. The bags are crumpled bits of paper wrapped in shopping bag plastic with a string wrapped and glued. Forklift pallets are strips of balsa wood cut and glued together.

Cardboard boxes were cut from paper and assembled as per a full-size box, filled with hot glue for strength, and then painted. Newspapers were simply printed from my computer.

A 1:48 toy camper was converted into a delivery truck by removing the camper and adding a box made from mattboard. Interior structures are balsa, and thin manilla material makes a textured aluminum floor.



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