A Forest of Pillars and Steam

Created by havre and came 3rd in our our Finishing Moves Competition.

A few years ago some unfinished difficult terrain bases were laid aside after a terrain day at our gaming club. This spring it is brought forward again as a base for my new idea for forest terrain - a railway viaduct. Most suting for Warmachine & Hordes it can also be used for games like WHFB, 40K and Malifaux - that is 28-32 mm fantasy/steampunk/sci fi. The base measures 15 by 25 cm and the viaduct is 20 cm high.

The base was just brushed up a bit and got a new layer of scatter material - my favourite blend of coffe, railroad green scatter stuff and sand, and with a light sprinkle of birch seed spacers (thanks again Gauterg!). Evertything was tied down with wood glue (PVA).

The viaduct is made from old wooden plant supports with supports from some ignition wood. It was painted and pin head added as bolts. The ivy stem was made from grey stuff rolled, flattened and bent around a skeleton of copper wire. It can be bent around the structure after some drying time to avoid too much stickyness. The tree was some railroad retailer stuff. The rail is O-scale from Peco.

For weathering I used orange(ish) paint for the bolts and rail, and some fine dust from my parents' yard. Some green scatter was added as moss.



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