Lost Glory - Post Apocalypse Statues

Created by extraevildave for our Weather It Competition.

"These ancient bronze statues were discovered during my third Wastelands expedition. I believe they represent mythical beings called "astronauts" from the lost nation of Yuuessay. They may even date back to the age of the mythical last King of Yuuessay, Joneff Ken-Neddy. These astronauts were said to soar into the heavens in a tower of metal, called a Mercury, that sat atop a pillar of fire. Obviously this is a myth, like all stories of the lost Golden Age."
From "Expeditions in the Wastelands" by Prof Max Gotham.

I wanted to create a statue for a 28mm scale post-apocalypse setting. I found a set of 54mm scale toy astronauts wearing early 60's type space suits in a discount shop. The astronaut statues were cleaned of flash and a flag pole was added. For a heavy verdigris look they were painted black and given several heavy turquoise drybrushes, then a light brown one and finished with several dark turquoise washes. The plinth was made from a block of styrofoam 60mm per side and 40mm tall that was covered in a marble printed card. The statues were then pinned and glued to the plinth. The plaque at the front was cut from 1mm card and painted the same way as the statues, with a light blue scrawl for lettering, and glued on. Several washes were added where water would leave stains. The plinth was then glued to a 110mm by 80mm MDF base. The base was coated with sand and painted in earthy colours, marble paving was added and some static grass, plants and dead foliage applied.


Keywords: monumentsS post-apocalypseS statuesS weatheringS

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