Abandoned Truck (Rule #32)

Created by extraevildave and came 3rd in our our Hug The Ground Competition.

I created this abandoned truck for a 28/25mm post-apocalypse setting using a 38cm long toy truck which was cut apart at the join between cab and trailer, and glued back together at an angle.

The wheels were removed painted up, with one getting burst damage added. They were then put back on the left hand side of the truck thus giving it a pronounced tilt to the right as if it had ended up in a ditch, in addition one of the trailer wheels was placed at an angle to the rest to represent a broken axle. The missing wheels were hidden by the use of lots of plants.

Most of the plants were made from flocked aquarium plants and lichen. The trees came from various companies.

As the truck has been derelict for years the steel sections were painted as heavily rusted. The side panels were sprayed aluminium, with Hostess Twinkies logos, taken from the net, distressed with sandpaper, and glued on, (the perfect post apocalypse food, they even managed to rise from the dead... mmmm Zombie Twinkies). The side panels were then stippled with white allowing patches of aluminium to show through; giving the appearance of flaking paint.

A big front grill and Bull/Roobar were made from card, flyscreen and bamboo skewers, and glued to the front of the cab. At the other end, twin rear loading doors were made from 1mm cardstock, 200gsm card, and a strip of fine corrugated card, with another logo added for colour.

The model is based on a 30cm x 60cm 3mm MDF sheet.


Keywords: 28mmS post-apocalypseS vehiclesS weatheringS wrecksS

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