Elven Monastery Temple

Created by Zaboobadidoo Sr. and came 2nd in our our Reclaimed By Nature Competition.

An ancient shrine, long abandoned, and slowly reclaimed by the elements.

The walls are made of multiple layers of foamcore, cut, then glued together to make the walls thick. The columns are 0.5 cm extruded polystyrene. The pattern for the columns was drawn on a piece of cardstock, then traced onto the foam and cut out. The brick patterns were scored with a knife, widened with a pen, then textured with a piece of old concrete. They were painted beige, then washed with successive coats of brown, black, and green.

The floor was made of foamcore as well. The pattern was drawn on, then scored, then the paper was peeled away in a water bath. I did not use a pen on the floor stones as I wanted a tighter seam between stones. After that it was textured with a knife and rock to make it look old and broken.

The tree is a wire armature covered in super sculpey, then baked. A layer of DAS was then applied for bark, and textured with a sculpting tool to make the bark texture.

The statue is hand sculpted out of milliput and DAS.

The vines are made of birch spacers, which were separated from the seeds, the painted and glued on before giving them a final coat of green once in place.

The water in the stream is Castin’ Crafts resin. The water down the steps and flowing from the statue is silicone caulk, and the ripples at the base of the statue are Vallejo Water Effects.

The piece measures 26 cm x 23 cm and is 25 cm tall. The figure is 28mm and made by Rackham.


Keywords: creepersS elvenS riversS shrinesS statuesS treesS

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