Overgrown ruined building

Created by extraevildave for our Reclaimed By Nature Competition.

The post-apocalyptic overgrown ruins of "Jimbo's Beer, Bait & Bullets" (for all your irresponsible huntin' needs).

It is built in 25/28mm scale, stands 8cm tall and measures 13cm by 8cm on a 5mm thick cork tile measuring 15 cm by 10cm.

The walls are made of 5mm foamboard and are scored to represent brickwork. The walls were lightly sanded for weathering and then painted off-white for the mortar and several shades of red paint and artist pigments were used for the bricks.

The roof is finely corrugated card that came in an iron colour and was drybrushed with red oxide paint, then orange, followed by a brown wash and a final light orange highlighting. The roof framework is stained 3mm balsa wood. The roof capping is 250gsm card, spray painted in aluminium and painted the same way as the corrugated iron roofing.

Vegetation is an assortment of flocked lichen, assorted sponge flock, grass tufts and some unknown florists material was used for the weeds. Fine grade flock was used for the mossy patches, the fern was made from a plastic aquarium plant and painted green. The leaf litter is a mixture of green and black tea leaves, coffee grounds, assorted flock, cut up lichen and other random organic materials.

The signs were printed and then weathered with sandpaper, and painted with rust stains. The Jimbo's sign was glued to an aluminium coloured card backing so it would give the appearance of flaked off paint where the weathering had left holes.


Keywords: brickworkS foliageS ruinsS rustS signsS weatheringS

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