Kishkumen's Oil Refinery

Created by Kishkumen and came 3rd in our our LED Lighting Competition.

Dark and creepy, lit only by hellish yellow lights, these refineries haunt the coast of California. As I drive by one at night I can only think. "COOL! I want to go explore!"

My towers are thick cardboard tubes glued onto a masonite base. The platforms are ceiling light covers with window screen glued on top. The supply pipes are plastic coat hanger. Each tower is cut just above the lowest lit platform. This is so they can be removed for storage. To hold them in place, a Pringles tube is inserted into each tower. For this reason the piece has three separate circuits.

The LEDs came from a pack of yellow and orange ones bought at Radio Shack. Their values were not listed so I used the suggested values for voltage drop and milliamps as stated on

Two circuits are in the towers and one in the bottom level. suggested using 15 Ohm resistors but the closest Radio Shack had were 10 Ohms so those are what I used. The one in the lower section has six LEDs in parallel with a 68 Ohm ( suggested 56 but again, these are what Radio Shack had). All three systems use the same 4.5 volt button cell system.

With less than an hour until deadline to paint this thing, photograph it, and post the photos, I decided to use an old toothbrush to slop on washes of raw sienna and drybrush objects the same color... and it worked! I'm quite pleased with the result. Of course, it wouldn't look half as good without the lights, which is the whole point.



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