1:24 Tudor Inn Diorama

Created by MUMSY and came 2nd in our our Wombling Free Competition.

This build started out unfinished and shelved three years ago. Two houses are now a combined 18"x15" Tudor style Inn. Both bases and builds combine in pieces like a puzzle. Two roofs are removable. The common room side has four walls and two pop outs. The Great Hall has three walls and two pop outs. All doors function.
Pink Styrofoam was coated in Gesso. Paper egg cartons were coated in chalk and torn into irregular bits. Applied to the base with white caulk. Matt varnish used to seal for a flagstone flooring. Grooves were channeled onto each base for ease in building placement.
All walls are foam core. The roof is shingled in strips of art foam trimmed with decorative scissors. The outer and inner walls are covered in tissue torn into pieces and placed over PVA. Wood is balsa or basswood and hand distressed with razors and needles. Support beams, chairs, tables, window frame, and brackets are chip carved free hand using various tools. Emery boards smoothed and further distressed exposed surfaces.
The stained glass was created using melted crayons and wax paper. Pieced together from a rooster drawing, cut to fit.
Two fireplaces share a common LED light source and wall. A space was carved between both bases to fit the fixture. All brick is stamped black foam core colored with chalk. Logs are red plastic bits dotted with PVA and coated with wood ash and charcoal bits.
Candles, chandelier, table, chairs, food, plates, and table cloth all hand crafted.


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