Load of Rubbish

Created by extraevildave and came 1st in our our Copy It Competition.

I decided to build some small items suitable for 28mm gaming in both modern and sci-fi urban settings. With that in mind I chose to make something universal to modern life, rubbish.
Public Litter Bin
This is 22mm tall by 18mm square. The body is made from fine granny grating with a framework of 225GSM card, the concrete upper section is layered 1mm card. The base is card painted as stained and dirty concrete.
The dumpster has an area of 20mm by 30mm, is 24mm tall at the front and 30mm at the rear. It has a core of polystyrene wrapped in 225GSM card with shaved down 5mm styrene I-beams used for the lifting points. The castor wheels are small beads and card. Labels and paper rubbish are printed from the internet. The remaining rubbish is a mix of plastic tubing, carved polystyrene and assorted bits of card. The dumpster was painted white, then splashed with brown washes. The rust is an iron oxide paint with some red/brown chalk occasionally added.
Rubbish Skip
The actual skip is 55mm long (45mm at the base), 30mm wide and 20mm tall and was made from layered 1mm card, except the locking bar which is 225GSM card and 1.25mm wire. The rubbish is similar to that of the dumpster with additions of stained balsa wood, flyscreen , large granny grating, some cut up used teabag and random bits of whatever looked interesting, it sits on a bed of black painted polystyrene. Painting was done in the same style as for the dumpster except for obvious colour changes.


Keywords: 28mmS modernS rustS sci-fiS urbanS

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