Redoubt Earthworks

Created by Taltosvt for our Before & After Competition.

These pieces were built for an American War of Independance game in 25/28mm scale. Each piece measures 6" square & 3/4" high, and represents a section of hastily built earthen beastworks that will form a redoubt. The "before" section is just a simple barrier for infantry cover. The "after" section shows damage from a lucky cannon shot that broke through.

The two pieces were built simultaneously using the same steps and number of pieces. The bases were cut from vinyl floor tiles that have an adhesive backing. I took advantage of the adhesive nature by pealing off the backing cover and applying ground flock and sand on either side of the barrier section.

The earthworks were built up from corrugated cardboard bases. Logs were created from bamboo skewers. The muddy dug-earth texture was created by spreading wood filler over the bases, dabbed with a paper towel while still damp.

Dark brown paint was applied as a rough base coat to the earth areas. A lighter brown was used to base the logs. Medium brown was added over the earth, then washed with black. The wood portions were brush with grey, then dry-brushed with brown. Clump foliage was added to break up the plain grassy area.

The ammo boxes were scratch built as a last minute detail.


Keywords: basesS cannonS foliageS stepsS woodenS

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