Warhammer 40k Imperial Radio Telescope

Created by Kailex and came 3rd in our our Knowledge is Power Competition.

Once part of an Imperial neural network, this fossil radio telescope was used to scan, collect, and relay ancient data to bases nearby. However, after decades of war this structure has been long since disabled by the Xenos.

The radio telescope is made on a CD base with white Styrofoam glued to it. The Styrofoam is cut with a foam cutter and the stairs are carved into place with a hobby knife. The radio base station is assembled from a laundry detergent container cap and a shampoo container cap. The telescope dish is cut from the bottom of an applesauce container. All of the details (conduit, panels, etc.) are from cereal box cardboard, pieces of the safety ring from the applesauce container, and some scrap wire. The antenna is a long piece of wire attached to some plastic from an old alarm clock.

The Styrofoam base is coated in joint compound and painted with a dark brown/green palette. I’ve also added a “backup power generator” which is made from a water bottle cap with some cardboard and plastic scrap glued into place. I’ve also added green and “earth blend” flock to the terrain piece.

This terrain piece is suited for Warhammer 40k using 28mm models. It is around 4-5 inches wide and stands about 6-7 inches tall.


Keywords: antennaS containersS imperialS machineryS radio telescopeS warhammerS

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