Stationary Fearless Flora

Created by MUMSY and came 2nd in our our Moving Parts Competition.

This terrain piece was created with Warhammer 40,000 Creature Features in mind.

The inner core is a salvaged hard plastic battery operated childs game. Aluminum foil as armature and plaster to form the mountain and cave.A lid on top conceals the battery compartment.Two C batteries power an arm apparatus and the positive and negative wires to an LED. The LED illuminates the alien egg/seed nest constructed with glass beads, hot glue, and a cotton ball.

The three trees are scratch built with wire armature and Sculpey. Trunk and branches painted with oils. The roots are formed from DAS and painted with acrylics. Trees, roots, and mountain are flocked with two types of lichen, Woodland Scenics Coarse flock, and floral ground potpourri. The mouth of the cave with freeze dried fern tips. Rubble at the base and in the cave consists of sand, pebbles, and broken aquarium glass all with a paint wash and dry brushed with acrylics.
The on/off switch to activate the beast action is hidden under the mountain lid. Switched on, the head whips rapidly in and out of the cave in a downward upward movement. One reach per second touching the ground briefly and gently. In the off position the head rests against the roof of the cave barely visible.
The head of the plant beast is a salvaged toy rubber snake. Dry brushed and with faux foliage leaves attached to the neck.
Based on masonite.



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