A Place of Execution

Created by extraevildave for our Law & Order Competition.

When a military dictator wants to remove his enemies and show everyone else who's boss what better way than a quick show trial followed up with a public execution by firing squad.
In this case the classic brick wall and wooden posts to tie the "guilty" party to is being used.
As the execution is in a public place the smart dictator will use the back of the wall for public notices and, of course, some ego building posters.

Built in 28mm scale.
The wall is made from a 50mm by 120mm piece of 5mm foamboard scored with a brickwork pattern and painted with an off-white for the cement and in assorted shades of red and brown for the bricks, and finally finished with several brown washes.
The posts are 45mm pieces of skewer and the outer two aged with an iron stain (the centre post is a newer replacement post).
The posters, signs and litter on the rear side were made on computer, some were weathered by tearing and staining and others are brand new.
Everything is based on a piece of 5mm thick cork tile, textured with sand and painted in earthy colours.


Keywords: 28mmS brickworkS dystopianS wallsS

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