Arbites Precinct House

Created by PTI:TS and came 3rd in our our Law & Order Competition.

This is my take on a piece of terrain that I always wanted to build, an Arbites Precinct House. One was featured in Codex: Cityfight when it was in print, and I loved the look of it. The overall size of my piece is 12"x18"x7". The main deck sits at a height of 1" above the table. The landing pad is 3" above the main deck, and the block house is a 6" cube. The roof is recessed .75" to provide cover. The walls of the main deck are also .75" high and roughly <30.

The structure is built almost entirely from foamcore. The banding around the piece is card from cereal packets etc, while the rivets are straight pins. Plastic canvas was cut apart and used for the deck and roof grating. Superglue and hot glue in equal measure were expended in the production of this piece.

The gate is foamcore clad in the same thin card as was used for the banding, along with lots and lots more 'rivets.' The Imperium loves rivets.


Keywords: gaming tablesS landing padsS rivetsS urbanscapeS wallsS

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