Vacant Lot

Created by extraevildave and came 1st in our our Flat Terrain Competition.

A typical vacant lot for an urban setting built in 28mm scale with nothing over 3cm in hieght. The lot is built on a 30cm by 30cm piece if 3mm MDF textured with sand and then painted. The cement slab is painted 1mm card, the steps and walls are made from 5mm foamboard as is the sofa. The old fridge is card clad styrofoam. The assorted rubbish is mainly corrugated card, balsa wood and anything else that looked interesting. The ground cover is a mix of assorted tea leaves, coffee grounds, and various dried organic material. The plants are Woodland Scenics cluster foliage, assorted static grass and Miniatur clump grass.


Keywords: 28mmS debrisS modernS rubbishS

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