Rusted Necromunda Walkway

Created by djmothra and came 3rd in our our A to B Competition.

A very typical elevated walkway for use in 28/30mm scale futuristic skirmish games.
The Walkway is just over 4.5" in length, it is 2.25" in width and a little under 1.25" in height.
The main body of the walkway is made from 3mm foam card with normal (cereal packet) card and some toothpicks.
The grating on the base was a backing to a disposable gelpack (that you'd put on your forehead)
Paint is all acrylic, with a Burnt Sienna base, red & yellow stippling before a black wash was added.
Highlighting was with GW metallic paints.


Keywords: necromundaS rustS WalkwayS

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