Hannah Co. Scrapyard

Created by Keldon and came 2nd in our our Old & Rusty Competition.

This 28mm scale scrapyard measures 22 inches by 12 inches with the tallest point being the crane arm at 11½ inches in height. It’s intended for use in modern/sci-fi genre games and is partially modular as both the crane assembly and office assembly are removable so they can be used separately, included in a few pictures is a standard 28mm megacity one judge to help with size reference.

The inspiration for this entry came from an old project in the archives of this site about making wrecked cars, this also covers in detail how the cars were made, however in brief an aluminium foil shell was made from pressing foil over toy cars this shell was then filled with plaster of Paris. once made the cars were attached to a 3mm plywood base for durability.

Further details were required to complete the appearance of a scrapyard these included an office (made from foamcore and Hirst Art’s Blocks), A Crane (made from foamcore, Plaster of Paris, and preformed styrene beams) and a surrounding fence (made from corrugated card, car repair mesh and preformed styrene beams).

Additional details were scratch built such as exhaust’s (made from copper rod and kneadatite), a security camera (kneadatite, plasti-card and a short offcut of copper tube to form the lens), and various bits of debris including the sites owners lunch left of the roof of a car and the remains of his chain smoking by the pile of cigarette ends and crumpled packets (mostly made from card, copper wire)


Keywords: 28mmS debrisS rustS scrapyardS weatheringS

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