What a heap of junk!

Created by djmothra for our Old & Rusty Competition.

A pile of junk/debris that has been hastily thrown together for 'in-game cover'. Made to be used in 28/30mm scale Skirmish games.

It's based on a standard sized CD, it is slightly larger than that, as some of the rust bits do spill over the edge. It is generally about 1" high - so minis can see (and fire) over, the highest part is 2" high.

It is made from some PVC Plumbing pipe along with other parts from stationary - inside of a Biro pan, the inner working of correction markers and some 3mm artboard. Rivets are just small squares of card.

Paint is Artist Acrylic - a Burnt Sienna base, stippled with red and yellow, then given a black wash. It is highlighted with GW Metallic paints (Sycorax Bronze, Leadbelcher and Runefang Steel)

The Hazard stripes and danger sign are printed on paper and glued on before the stippling phase to help with the weathered look.

The base is textured with chalk and PVA glue. The Snake is Modelling paste. The Mushrooms are made with Modelling paste and small tubes. The grass is some ends cut off of a brand new split bamboo broom.

Mini is a Dark Vengeance Cultist so you can see the scale.

Graffiti on the side reads 'HWE' (Hannah Woz Ere)


Keywords: coverS debrisS fungiS pipeworkS rivetsS rustS

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