Rusty Necromunda Silo

Created by djmothra and came 3rd in our our Old & Rusty Competition.

A Rusty Tower/Silo made for 28/30mm scale war gaming.

The base is a standard CD and the model is 9.5" high.

The main body of the Silo is made from 2 soda cans that have been glued together and have had a lot of Cereal Packet card added to them. The Rivets are just small squares of the same card.

The Pipes are drinking straws that were cut at a 45deg angle and re-glued to make a 90deg bend.

The Base was textured with Chalk and PVA Glue, the Pool of toxic goo was made using Modelling paste - to appear like a small crater.

The Warning signs, propaganda poster, hazard stripes and graffiti were printed onto A4 paper, cut out and glued to the model with watered down PVA glue.

The Ladder was made from Staples and the inside of a Biro style pen.

The entire model was primed with Black spray paint before a brown acrylic (Burnt Sienna) was painted over the rusted parts. Red and Yellow paint was then stippled over the entire tower followed a watered down black wash. It was then drybrushed with a mix of GW Metallic paints (Sycorax Bronze, Leadbelcher and Runefang Steel).

The Base was painted Grey, before a black wash and white highlight added.

The Toxic pool was a wet blend of various GW green paints before Water + PVA was poured over it.

The Object Source light was stippled on last, using the same yellow as before.

Some dead grass has been added, made from a split bamboo broom.

A Dark Vengeance Cultist has been added so you can see the scale.


Keywords: necromundaS pipeworkS rivetsS rustS signsS towersS

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