Jack's Repair Shed

Created by Elderac for our Old & Rusty Competition.

My concept is an old, worn-out garage such as one might see in the country.

My materials were mainly shaped plastic card and bass wood. The base is a piece of wood that is 4" x 6". The signs were printed and placed on thin plastic card or card stock.

The overall height of the piece, including base is 2 and 3/4 inches tall.

The edges of the base were beveled and a base coat of Ceramcoat Golden Brown was applied. The edges were painted with Ceramcoat Avacado to complement the covering of my game table.

After cutting out the shapes of the two portions of the building, I installed wooden beams in the garage portion because the interior would be visible through the door.

The walls of the office are supported by one inch cubic blocks, since that part would not be visible.

The interior was painted black, then subsequently dry brushed with silver and orange (for the rust).

Once assembled, the exterior was also painted in the same manner.

The grassy areas were covered with Woodland Scenics flocking.

This building is made for 15mm miniature battles. The reference figures are 15mm from Old Glory and Peter Pig. The hummer in the garage is a Matchbox vehicle repainted. The figures and hummer are included for scale reference.


Keywords: 15mmS rustS signsS wallsS

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