Bocage Hedge Row

Created by cprljohnivey and came 1st in our our Old & Rusty Competition.

About this time, seventy years ago, allied forces were fighting farm field to farm field across the country side of France. The German army offered stiff resistance by using the natural country side of thick centuries old hedge rows. Many of these hedge rows were filled with old discarded farm equipment and trash. This entry consists of two sections of a modular hedge row system in 15mm scale intended for the Flames of War Game.

There are 4 rusty items. 1st is an old wrecked car. This was a model purchased from a store and modified for effect. The fender was cut to look damaged and the door cut open with a razor knife.

The remaining 3 items, a Steam Tractor, Horse Drawn Plow, and Pile of Junk were all scratch built. The steam engine was made from a ball point pen, 2 metal wagon wheels, plastic I beams, and bits of index card. The plow sled is made from balsa wood and wire. The junk pile was made from various plastic items from my bits box. These were all painted with acrylic paint.

The base of each section is rubber railroad bed from a model rail road store. Foliage consists of basic flocking, rocks, and commercial & home made weeds. The bushes were made from a fiber packing material and flocked with a mix of standard flocking of various colors.


Keywords: BocageS debrisS oldS rustyS

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