Terrorist Safehouse

Created by Kishkumen and came 1st in our our Lair of the Beast Competition.

The goal was to make a small house (a duplex apartment building) converted to a terrorist safehouse. It is made of 1/4" foamcore on a masonite base. The exterior of the building was covered with a thin coat of spackle. While the spackle was still wet I put a latex mold over it to make a brick texture.

One bathroom has a cardboard bathtub rounded out with spackle. Toilets are made from brown gas-tank sealant epoxy putty, as is the sink interior.

The other bathroom has been converted into a holding cell for hostages. It has the facilities ripped out except for the toilet and a Sculpey mattress. The chain inset into the floor is just long enough so a prisoner can be trotted out in front of the camera for hostage negotiation and demands.

Video and computer equipment were scratch-built from styrene rod using thread as cables. Screen images were lifted from an Adobe Premiere tutorial.

Several details were done by printing out scanned images or textures from the Internet. Rug patterns were copied from online retailers and simply printed onto heavy resume paper, then glued to the floor. Others were rolled up and glued into one corner of the room. The newspapers were printed out, crumpled, then glued to the base outside.


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