Shipping & Receiving Competition Entries

This competition was organized by jedion357 who specified the following criteria:

The challenge is to show us how freight and/or people are moved within the world that you model. Entries must be of a non-military & non-criminal nature that are actively involved with shipping and receiving. They can be facilities to handle freight and/or passengers or the vehicle(s) to move freight and/or passengers with the caveat that the vehicle needs to be a terrain piece rather than a game piece.

The competition was won by Caleb

  • #198
    Trade Headquarters
    by Caleb (1st)
  • #206
    LittleMonk's Lightning Bottling Facility
    by littlemonk (2nd)
  • #31
    Sci-Fi Cargo Bay
    by AndySlater (3rd)
  • #61
    Kishkumen's Truck Dock
    by Kishkumen
  • #232
    GTT's 40k train
    by George T
  • #240
    Exigent99's Mining Madness
    by exigent99