Ruins Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Kishkumen who specified the following criteria:

The challenge this time is to make some ruins. It should depict a man-made object or structure that's been neglected, battle-damaged, or forgotten. By "man-made" I mean "not created via natural processes". Therefore, ruins of things made by dwarves, elves, orcs, space aliens, mutants, lizardmen, and so on are also allowed. Both machinery and structures are allowed.

The competition was won by Ariss

  • #134
    Polystyrene Ruin
    by Ariss (1st)
  • #135
    WW2 Ruins
    by Sean-Khan (2nd)
  • #136
    Ruined Building
    by KishKumen (3rd)
  • #137
    by DarthJason
  • #138
    by LuMi
  • #139
    Ruined Gun Emplacement
    by px166bajaj
  • #140
    Cities of Death Ruins
    by Ran The Cid
  • #141
    Plaster Disaster
    by mrtn
  • #142
    Corner Ruin
    by Witterquick