Companion Piece Competition Entries

This competition was organized by dragonflies7033 who specified the following criteria:

Choose an existing piece of terrain you have done. Maybe it's your favourite piece, or just one that sees a lot of use. Now build a new piece to go with it. A companion piece. Either an accessory, or an addition, or a neighbouring structure.

The competition was won by Ashton

  • #30
    Urban Hill/Platform #2
    by Ashton (1st)
  • #29
    The Library
    by AndySlater (2nd)
  • #28
    N-scale Landing Pad
    by Froggy the Great (3rd)
  • #23
    Ancient Sacred Spring
    by grumpy one
  • #25
    Ancients Wargaming Board
    by exigent99
  • #27
    Terminal 5 (Large Freighter Landing Pad)
    by dragonflies7033