Reach For The Sky Competition Entries

This competition was organized by coxrltw who specified the following criteria:

Entrants were required to design and build a piece which is at least 3 times taller than the longest axis of its footprint.

The competition was won by TheRat

  • #357
    Mordheim Lighthouse
    by TheRat (1st)
  • #362
    For Whom the Bell Tolls
    by havre (2nd)
  • #359
    Command & Control Tower for WH 40K
    by coxrltw (3rd)
  • #355
    Necromunda Swing Bridge
    by Armoury-Terrain
  • #356
    Marines landing pad & control tower
    by Gregbag
  • #358
    Supported Tower
    by meizter
  • #360
    Warhammer 40K Watch Tower
    by Taltosvt
  • #361
    40K Promethium Refinery
    by bugbait_nz