Lighting Effects Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Melly.Monkey who specified the following criteria:

The theme of this competition was to make terrain that features lights or lighting effects.

The competition was won by Thumper

  • #537
    Indecision ... in the Swamp
    by Thumper (1st)
  • #536
    Glowing Tree
    by TheRat (2nd)
  • #531
    Sinister Statue
    by Melly.Monkey (3rd)
  • #532
    Caribbean Lighthouse
    by Alabastero
  • #533
    Spooky necron obelisk
    by nealcrankshaw
  • #534
    Halo/Tau Inspired Tower
    by AndySlater
  • #535
    Glowing Alien Jungle Tree
    by Ambience 327