Horizontal Stacking Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Zaboobadidoo Sr. who specified the following criteria:

The object of this competition was to create a series of repeated structures that are all arranged next to each other.

The competition was won by asdel

  • #573
    Sicilian Village
    by asdel (1st)
  • #570
    Bocage - Hedges - 15mm
    by Alabastero (2nd)
  • #571
    Necron Aegis Defense Line
    by nealcrankshaw (3rd)
  • #565
    Complete 15mm Field fortification
    by Craftfeld
  • #572
    The tributary
    by havre
  • #574
    AWI Camp
    by Taltosvt
  • #575
    Tudor Rowhouse
    by thecoldwarrior