Holy Places Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Alabastero who specified the following criteria:

Entrants were required to construct a model of a holy place i.e. a place that someone, or something, holds as sacred in a religious way.

The competition was won by El mastodon

  • #577
    The Eye of Tzeentch
    by El mastodon (1st)
  • #579
    Shrine to Gork, or Mork
    by SpiderHawk (2nd)
  • #583
    by thecoldwarrior (3rd)
  • #576
    Rock Spire
    by Munin
  • #578
    The Miracle of the Juniper Bushes
    by extraevildave
  • #580
    Eternal Flame
    by turbomagnus
  • #581
    Lizardmen Spawning Pool
    by TheDreamer
  • #582
    Roadside Shrine
    by extraevildave